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The Power to Change... Everything

Our world isn’t always simple, it isn’t always comfortable. It can feel unfair, impossibly divided, and confusing. We aren’t born knowing how to navigate a time this complex, a world this diverse, a society this volatile... and that’s ok.

Because we were all born with an innate curiosity,  a drive to learn and explore, to try to understand and be understood, to place our individual humanity in the greater collective of humanity. Schools don't teach how to understand people...

...but the The Ubuntu Lab does

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3 Questions that define success

In any moment, in any place, in any interaction, there are three questions that we all must be able to answer:

  • Who am I?

  • Who are you?

  • Who are we?

Those who can answers those with a modicum of proficiency succeed, the rest of us are left flailing.

4 Pillars of Learning
in the 21st century

Almost 30 years ago Jacques Delors and his International Commission on Education for 21st Century Learning delivered a report outlining how we could address the essential tensions of our time through our educational systems. At the Ubuntu Lab, we have adopted their 4 pillars of learning as the foundation for our approach to teaching and learning.

On this foundation we have built a content framework, facilitation methodology, and impact strategy that has proven time and again to be effective in any corner of the globe, with just about any topic you can name. 

Learning To
Learning To
Live and Work Together
Learning To
Learning To

Learning To Know

What is it that we teach? What subject? In some senses its a new meta subject, in another it's an aggregation of centuries' old subjects reimagined for a new goal and a new time.

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21st Cent Skills.png

Learning To

What is the day to day benefit? What do you walk away with that you can act on, right now. A deep set of skills that are among the most sought after by employers, the most useful in the voting booth, and the most meaningful to those you are closest to.

Learning To Live & Work Together

How is this relevant to today's world? The world has never been smaller, or more complex. A deeper understanding of people helps anyone navigate that world more successfully.

Global Awareness.png

Learning To

How can I do better? Be better? This final pillar is defined by development of the all around individual, because what happens between your ears is as important to your happiness as what happens out in the world.

A Personal Understanding
of Humanity

When we understand our own identities we can live happier, more fulfilling, lives that play to our strengths and hopes. When we understand others we can build stronger and deeper relationships at home at work and in our communities. We can find success by knowing ourselves, being able to express our needs, and being able to work with others to accomplish our shared goals. 

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A Public Understanding
of Humanity

When a society has a community level understanding it supports citizenship, workplace skills, and general lifelong learning in ways that are critical to today's society. Voters can work through complex social needs at the ballot box. Employees can work together within an office and across continents. And communities can do the hard work of reconciliation and rebuilding.

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SDG aligned

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