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curiosity to community

outrage to action

confused to confident

informed to engaged

Today's Explorers
Tomorrow's Citizens

curiosity to community

outrage to action

confused to confident

informed to engaged


From age 12-22 we are forming our identities and our worldview. The Ubuntu Lab provides young people a critical opportunity to develop the skills, mindset, and knowledge of the 21st century.



Families are looking for activities that are educational and entertaining and scaffolding for tricky conversations. An Ubuntu Lab becomes an interesting afternoon of exhibits, 

programing, and food


Curious people who engage in the lifelong pursuit of knowing and belonging to the whole world need a home. The Ubuntu Lab is the space they can turn to between trips, when the world feels confusing or exciting.


seeking to be the guide that their kids need, parents are often left confused and concerned by current events. The Ubuntu Lab is a place to find the resources and tools to feel confident in raising engaged and successful young people


The social sciences and skills (Life, Career, Information, Media, Innovation) have been under supported in schools for far too long. The Ubuntu Lab provides critical tools and training for educators to become the guides their students need.



researchers, authors, artists, and other experts are looking for better ways to connect with their audiences in ongoing and dynamic ways. The Ubuntu Lab offers spaces and a platform to bring the people around the world to big ideas


cities looking to embrace their diversity, build a 21st century community, and create a local workforce that is able to engage with the world will make a global statement by hosting an Ubuntu Lab



programing from local non-profits and NGOs will find a home in an Ubuntu Lab. Bringing dialogue, community services, and insights into their work to a built in audience


Through programing designed for local businesses the Ubuntu Lab helps teams understand the world they serve,  engage with their current workforce, and attract future customers.

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