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Fundraising Coordinator

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About the Role

Are you passionate about creating inclusive spaces that foster learning, dialogue, and connection? The Ubuntu Lab invites you to be part of our innovative museum venture dedicated to nurturing a deeper understanding of humanity's complexities. By integrating digital museums, community centers, and cafe culture, we strive to cultivate a global network and conversation of learning and empathy, with a vision to establish 100 labs in 100 cities worldwide within the next decade. 

Our first decade was focused on building networks, testing methodologies, and codifying concepts. Now, we stand poised to leverage all of that success to bring our model to the world. To support this we are growing our team, and we are looking for a volunteer to assist with fundraising to help us build this next phase.


  • Collaborate closely with our team to assist in planning and executing fundraising initiatives and events.

  • Help identify potential funding sources, grants, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Assist in donor communication and stewardship activities.

  • Support the development and implementation of fundraising campaigns and strategies.


  • Strong organizational skills and acute attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

  • Capability to multitask and effectively prioritize tasks within a dynamic environment.

  • Proficiency in fundraising tools and software, such as donor management systems or crowdfunding platforms, is advantageous.

  • A deep-seated passion for promoting cultural understanding, empathy, and community engagement.

Why Volunteer With The Ubuntu Lab?

At The Ubuntu Lab, you'll find yourself immersed in an environment where your contributions truly matter. Here are some compelling reasons to spend your time with us:

  • Pioneering Venture: Be part of an innovative initiative breaking new ground in the cultural and social landscape.

  • Inclusive Spaces: Contribute to building environments where diversity and understanding thrive.

  • Global Impact: Join a movement that cultivates a network and conversation of learning and empathy on an international scale.

  • Opportunity for Growth: Contribute to scaling up operations and making a tangible impact on a larger scale.

  • Distinguished Leadership and Endorsements: Work alongside members of the Nobel Peace Laureate community and experts in technology and community building.

  • World-Class Team: Collaborate with educators, designers, communicators, and leaders, gaining invaluable learning experiences.

  • Bold Vision: Have the opportunity to potentially play a role in shaping and realizing our ambitious vision.

  • Skills Development: Develop a diverse set of skills - incuding fundraising research, donor relations, and grantwork - setting yourself up for personal and professional growth.

By volunteering with The Ubuntu Lab, you'll not only gain valuable experience but also play an integral role in creating a more empathetic and interconnected world. Join us today and be the change you wish to see in the world. Apply now to start your journey with The Ubuntu Lab.

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