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The Ubuntu Lab stands as an innovative museum venture dedicated to nurturing a deeper understanding of humanity's complexities. Integrating elements of digital museums, community centers, and cafe culture, we create inclusive spaces that foster learning, dialogue, and connection. Our ambitious vision is to establish 100 labs in 100 cities worldwide within the next decade, cultivating a global network and conversation of learning and empathy.

Our first decade was focussed on building networks, testing methodologies, and codifying concepts. Now we stand poised to leverage all of that success to bring our model to the world. We are rapidly growing our board, in the last year we have added members of the Nobel Peace Laureate community as well as experts in technology and community building. And now we are looking for several new board members to round out the breadth of expertise and experience represented in our leadership group.

The Ubuntu Lab is seeking passionate individuals to join our board of directors, driving forward our mission of fostering understanding, empathy, and connection across communities worldwide. As a board member, you will play a pivotal role in guiding our strategic direction, ensuring that our vision of inclusivity and innovation remains at the forefront of our initiatives. We are specifically looking for candidates who bring a diverse range of experiences and expertise to enrich our organization's leadership.

We are seeking individuals to join our board of directors with a diverse range of expertise to drive our organization forward. Ideal candidates will possess general board experience coupled with specialized knowledge in various domains critical to our mission. Specifically, we are looking for individuals with experience in any or multiple of the following:

  • Museum Leadership especially new and emerging institutions, capable of bringing insights into the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in starting and operating cultural institutions.

  • Fundraising for Nonprofits as we expand our reach and impact globally we are looking for individuals to help strategize and support our executive director in fundraising. Ideally an individual with experience working globally and with a wide variety of funding sources (HNWI’s, foundations, family offices, and governments).

  • Education especially informal education, who can help guide our innovation and grounded in emerging learning methodologies and learner engagement strategies.

  • Startup Ventures especially at the executive level, we are looking for executives who understand the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial ventures and can provide invaluable guidance to the organization and our leadership as we continue to grow and evolve.


  • Provide strategic guidance and oversight to advance the mission and goals of The Ubuntu Lab.

  • Collaborate with fellow board members to develop and implement innovative strategies for launching our global network of labs.

  • Actively participate in fundraising efforts to support the growth and sustainability of The Ubuntu Lab's initiatives.

  • Serve as ambassadors for The Ubuntu Lab, advocating for our mission and values within your respective networks and communities.

  • Support the Executive Director with your specific domain expertise in areas such as museum leadership, digital innovation, global citizenship, nonprofit governance, strategic planning, budget oversight, fundraising, Marketing, community engagement, and education.

  • Engage in regular board meetings, committee work, and other activities to support the ongoing development and success of the organization.


  • Proven leadership experience in one of the fields described above: Museum Leadership, Fundraising, Education, Startups.

  • Demonstrated commitment to and passion for the mission, vision, and values of the Ubuntu Lab.

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Why Volunteer With The Ubuntu Lab?

The Ubuntu Lab's Board of Directors are incredibly accomplished in their own right and passionate about our work and team. They are a dynamic group who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to meetings and subcommittees to drive the organization towards its ambitious goals. Participating with this group is an incredible opportunity to:

  • Make an Impactful Contribution to Humanity: By serving on the board, you become an integral part of a pioneering initiative dedicated to nurturing empathy, understanding, and connection among humanity. Your contributions directly impact the global community, fostering positive change and promoting a deeper understanding of humanity's complexities.

  • Influence Global Conversations: As a board member, you have the opportunity to shape global conversations around empathy, unity, and cultural understanding. Your insights and leadership can help steer the direction of the Ubuntu Lab's initiatives, amplifying its impact and influence on a global scale.

  • Access Diverse Perspectives and Networks: Joining the board exposes you to a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and networks. Collaborating with fellow board members, who may come from various backgrounds and disciplines, enriches your own understanding and opens doors to new opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

  • Find Personal Growth and Fulfillment: Serving on the board provides a meaningful opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. You'll engage in strategic decision-making, leadership development, and collaborative problem-solving, all of which contribute to your own professional development and sense of joy and purpose.

We welcome passionate individuals who are committed to advancing our mission and contributing their expertise to our organization's success. Join us in reshaping cultural and social understanding and community engagement as we embark on this transformative journey together.

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