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We would love to help you bring Understanding to your organization, event, or workplace


Understanding Workshops & Engagements

We provide workshops for companies, schools, and retreats on:

  • Fulfillment & Happiness through Understanding

  • Building a Workplace of Understanding

  • Social Change Through Understanding (using ImaptKit)

  • Learning to Understand

We can custom tailor our workshops to the needs of your team, topics that are

Additionally we work with a select group of companies, organizations, and government agencies to help teams embed the practices of Understanding People into their work.

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Our leadership can bring understanding to your event, lecture series, or organization through talks on:

  • Understanding Understnading

  • The Power of Understanding

  • The Nature of Understanding

  • And topical lectures based on our framework on ideas like Understanding:

    • The Nature of Truth

    • Systemic Social Change

    • Travel & Exploration

    • Cultural Diversity

    • The Social Sciences

    • The Culture Wars

    • Fear & Courage