Has the world turned upside-down?


Truth can be the ultimate common ground, but somehow it has become the thing that divides us. 

By taking a moment to explore what it means for something to be true, what the role of truth is in society, how it can affect us as individuals, and why it is important to use the term carefully, we can begin to have a new conversation.

And through that conversation we can rebuild the common ground we have lost, making room for differences in beliefs, perspectives, and experiences.


And when we have that, we can build a future together.


The Exhibit: an experience with reality

The Ubuntu Lab is designing an experience to spark a conversation.An exhibit about the nature of truth, its role in our society, the opportunities it presents, and the current shape it has taken in public dialogue around the world.

It will present perspectives on its historical, cultural, and conceptual meaning and application. It will invite visitors to co-create the experience with experts, engage them with what is fascinating about this philosophical construct, and spark interesting conversations.

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Our Approach

Exhibits feed a different part of the brain than the way most of us regularly consume information. It does not hand you answers or opinions, it asks you to discover your own; it does not exist at the periphery of one’s attention, it is encompassing. This kind of exhibit leverages four important learning tools:

  • INFORMAL LEARNING This is not a lecture or a book. This is fun, this is interesting, this is a space filled with simulations and screens, and up to the minute ideas and information

  • INQUIRY It is based around great questions, not clear answers. Inquiry based learning appeals to our curiosity, asking learners to enter from an open-minded point of view.

  • IMMERSIVE DESIGN By making it experiential, the visitor is captured by the bits that resonate with them. these hold their focus for a moment so they pay attention, reflect, and integrate into their world view.

  • VISITOR ACTIVATION We intend to activate our visitors. They may feel moments of pessimism, or discomfort, or confrontation, but we will leave them in a place of inspiration, capability, and agency so they can go out and change the way they engage with the world.


Outcomes: Personal and Organizational

This pilot exhibit necessarily serves two purposes for us: as an unto itself - with all of the outcomes intrinsic to our mission; and as a stepping stone to opening our first space.

Visitors will gain:

  • A broader concept of what the idea of “truth” means in different contexts, academic and practical disciplines, and cultures.

  • From “gaslighting” to political “spin” the real effects of loosening, twisting, or dismissing the core concept of truth on individuals lives around the world.

  • What they can do to define truth, reclaim it, and use it to bring people together.

The exhibit will also serve a strategic purpose for the organization - as a showpiece of the Ubuntu Lab’s:

  • THEORY OF LEARNING & DESIGN in order to ensure that the end product feels human and engaging while delivering a transformative experience for all visitors

  • 3 QUESTIONS FRAMEWORK that places the individual at the core of the topic, and build out from there

  • BLENDED EXPERIENCE PLATFORM that leverages the power of place-based-learning and the opportunities of digital

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