Learning Is A Human Experience


Inquiry | Authenticity | Personalization

It may seem like an obvious statement, but there is almost nothing more central to our experience as human beings as learning; from curiosity to structured inquiry, in pursuit of growth or in response to challenges. And yet, the way we structured learning for the last century has taken almost everything human and experiential out of it.

At the Ubuntu Lab we are reintroducing the humanity and experience back into learning. Our approach to learning embodies our I, You, We Learning Framework. We put learners at the core of our work - engaging them in the creation and work of learning - but also do not extract ourselves from the products - we are after all human as well, and learners deserve all of us, not the affectation of a disembodied sage.

In our pursuit of humanity in learning we ascribe to the following learning principles

  • Guided Inquiry: We draw from the longstanding work of informal and experiential education, using learner’s own frame fo reference and innate curiosity to drive learning.

  • Rooted Authenticity: Content must be both relevant and resonant, drawing from up-to-the minute examples and inclusive of all learners’ experiences. It must be honest and true.

  • Personalization: Our learning experiences take into account learners with many world views, many lived experiences, and many goals. To that end we engage learners in the process of creation, adaptation, and strategy as equals.