Innovation is Human


SOUL | Complexity | TRansparency | Adaptability

Innovation is the engine that has driven our work from before there was an organization to drive. And people have been at the core of our process then and will be in the future. We fully believe that you cannot engage in solutions for people without placing them in the process with you, respecting their perspective and experience as much as our own, matched with our expertise and aggregate knowledge.

Understanding people is our mission, and Understanding people is our process. We work alongside people who have seen many possibilities to determine the methods that are relevant to today’s leaners, co-create content with the people with whom it must resonate, and iterate it all as the landscape changes with experts and forecasters who understand the dynamics and evolution of human systems.

To innovate with humanity we build with the following principles in mind:

  • Create with Soul: Our experiences feel like they were created by people, real people, and carry with them a depth and honesty that cannot be feigned.

  • Embrace Complexity: People are complex, humanity is vast, and our solutions use that complexity and depth as method to connect and make learning powerful and transferability broad.

  • Transparent Tools: The tools we use - whether they are digital, physical, or blended - should disappear, highlighting the experience and enhancing a person’s ability to learn from it.

  • Infinite Adaptability: The world changes, people evolve, and so too much the Ubuntu Lab. Our work builds in not only an ongoing evaluation of its approach, but mechanisms to alter it in real time.